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Latest News • Photos: REVOLVE and People StyleWatch Summer Party

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+ Public Appearances > From 2015 > July 11: REVOLVE and People StyleWatch Summer Party

Holly   Jul 15, 2015

Added 2 shots from the campaign as well as 1 Behind the Shot to the Gallery.

jess   Jul 3, 2015

Added photos from the issue to our Gallery.

jess   Jun 22, 2015

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+ Public Appearances > From 2015 > June 17: Sally Beauty Mobile Nail Studio Tour

Holly   Jun 22, 2015

She always kills it on the red carpet, the sidewalk and the festival field. At this point, Jamie Chung should just change her name to “#OOTD Inspo.” Her latest fashion feat? Making one of the most casual shoes out there, those would be flip-flops, look extra chic. See how the queen of laid-back luxe pieces styles her sandals to perfection in the Havaianas summer lookbook.

We have a feeling that Chung really loved this shoot — not only because flip-flops are her go to (“They always come in handy!” she tells PEOPLE), but because we get the sense she was inspired by the clothes on set: The jacket she has tied around her waist in one of our fave photos from the lookbook (above) is the same one she wore out a month ago! We remember because it’s one of our fave day-to-night outfits ever.

Before the shoot, Chung had dozens of bright pairs of Havaianas to choose from, but it wasn’t tough for her to pick her favorites (even with her pup Ewok as a distraction!). “I love the Slim Hardware in army green with star studs, the purple Luna T-strap sandals, and the Slim Organic tropical print in blue silver,” she says.


jess   Jun 19, 2015

Added 2 stills from Jamie’s most recent film.

jess   Jun 19, 2015

I have added images of Jamie from two premieres that she has attended for the LA Film Festival to the gallery.

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+ Public Appearances > From 2015 > June 14: 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival screening of ‘Flock Of Dudes’

+ Public Appearances > From 2015 > June 12: ‘Its Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong’ Los Angeles Film Festival Premiere

Holly   Jun 15, 2015

Not every New York gangster film has to be the equal of “The Godfather,” and plenty of directors have made exorcism movies outside the shadow of William Friedkin. So it certainly ought to be possible to make a film about two loquacious strangers gradually falling in love while ambling around a foreign city for a night without drawing unfavorable comparisons to “Before Sunrise.” Yet first-time writer-director Emily Ting’s “It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong” isn’t quite up to the task, and this earnest, slight romance doesn’t generate enough sparks to overcome the anxiety of its obvious influence. But as a simple valentine to Hong Kong’s expat nightlife, the film makes for charming, breezy viewing, and the director shows promise going forward.

In contrast with Jesse and Celine’s initial existential gauntlet, “It’s Already Tomorrow’s” central thirtysomethings cross paths under rather prosaic terms. Josh (Bryan Greenberg) is having a smoke outside a bar when he spies Ruby (Jamie Chung) struggling to find directions to her next destination, and he offers to accompany her there himself.

While both are Americans, Josh has been living in Hong Kong for a decade while working at an investment bank; Ruby, a stuffed-animal designer, is just in town for a quick business trip. The two hit it off immediately as they walk, talk and eventually begin to flirt. Making a pit stop for drinks, they discuss their ambitions and careers, with Ruby urging Josh to follow his dreams of quitting banking to become a writer. Just as things are starting to get interesting, a key miscommunication breaks the spell, and they awkwardly part ways.


jess   Jun 14, 2015

jess   Jun 10, 2015

We’ve recently seen some fantastic coverage of trans visibility thanks to the courageous Caitlyn Jenner. Now, we’re getting more fantastic trans representation in the beauty world. Make Up For Ever and Andreja Pejic, along with Jamie Chung, have teamed up on a new beauty campaign that is both brilliant and super fun! Plus, now the models even have their very own palettes. The brand’s combination of a role model like Pejic and relatable girl like Chung is perfect for the campaign that’s slogan is “Be Bold. Be Unexpected. Be You.”




(Video of Jamie’s transformation): SOURCE


jess   Jun 7, 2015