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June 12th, 2014

O, The Oprah Magazine

Jamie Chung is featured in The Oprah Magazine where she shared her personal style along with other actresses including Zendaya. Jamie Chung wore a Kate Spade New York blazer over a Milly bralett,?Adrianna Papell skirt with Jerome C. Rousseau shoes. She looks beautiful! I’ve added one tagged shooted to our site. Head to the our photo gallery for a bigger preview!

1.jpg?1.jpg?1.jpg?1.jpg?1.jpg? — This March,?Jamie Chung?can be seen in NBC’s?Believe, the latest TV show executive produced by?J.J. Abrams. Here, the 30-year-old actress (who recently got engaged to?Bryan Greenberg) shares 25 little-known things about herself to?Us Weekly.

1.?I was featured in?Rihanna‘s music video for “Umbrella” (first girl on?Jay Z‘s right). I almost lost my sh*t when I met him. It was one of my first on camera gigs.
2.?I taught my nephew how to throw a football.
3.?I was a total tomboy growing up.
4.?I have a BA in Economics.
5.?I am addicted to Tabasco sauce. I even carry a mini bottle with me everywhere I go.
6.?I ran my first Nike Women’s half marathon at 1 hour and 53 minutes! I stopped to use the bathroom and tie my shoes twice! I worked my butt off training, so I’m allowed to brag about this one.
7.?I was so bad at playing piano, my teacher used to fall asleep during our lessons.
8.?I have embraced golf.
9.?I am a secret eater, especially around midnight. I am guilty of eating cookies over the sink.
10.?I once hand sewed my prom dress. It was horrific, but I still wore it.
11.?I am a sneaker head. In high school I took a part time job at the Athlete’s Foot just to buy Nike Air Max 95’s. At one point I had over 30 pairs.
12.?I’m that crazy lady that will stop a total stranger on the street to pet and play with their dogs.
13.?I take photos of my food.
14.?I have a blog:?
15.?I believe there is a Bigfoot.
16.?My first dog was named Coco.
17.?I didn’t think I wanted to have a family. But then I met the man of my dreams.
18.?I love camping. But will only go rough it out for a night.
19.?I’ve always wanted to be a guest on the?The Price is Right.
20.?I’ve always dreamed of diving in the Maldives.
21.?I’m a stickler for recycling. I pestered the producers on my NBC show?Believe?until they finally provided recycling bins on set.
22.?I love doing my own stunts and I’m not too shabby at doing them. But then I’ll sprain my ankle walking in a field. I’m coordinated but also a total klutz.
23.?I can’t seem to keep a plant alive.
24.?I was so nervous on the set of?The?Hangover?Part?2?and?3. I was a blabbering idiot around the guys. I still am.
25.?I still watch every episode of MTV’s?The Challenge. Don’t judge.

September 26th, 2013

Jamie Chung in Filler Magazine

This video is a bit old but I just recently found out a few days ago and I had to share it! It’s such a lovely watch. It was for one of Jamie’s shoots found here. You can read her interview or more from the original article at where she talked about her role in “The Man with the Iron Fist” I’ve added screencaps of the video to our photo gallery for those interested! Check out the video below!


Jamie Chung is featured in Bello’s April 2013 issue! ?The 29-year-old actress opened up to the glossy about her style, her role in?Eden, and what it?s like living in New York City while she films her upcoming pilot.

On fashion:??I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do. Only recently have I been really splurging, and experimenting, and trying new things.?

On living in NYC:??Currently, I?m staying in the financial district so it?s kind of convenient to all the different ones. I?d like to consider myself quite savvy with the subway.?

On the heavy subject matter of?Eden:??I felt like we all, including the crew needed a break from each scene. And so,?Matt O?leary?and I would quite often try to keep things light in between scenes and not keep it so heavy on set all day.?


The Hangover Part II actress Jamie Chung has been talking about her technology obsessions, admitting that she cannot live without her iPhone 5. The stunning and talented actress admitted that she does often like to feel the freedom of no technology but claims that Skype has saved her relationship with her boyfriend.

Chung told Glamour, “My iPhone 5. I?m currently filming in New York City and love taking the subways. I would be horrified if people saw me pulling out a paper map. I?d rather blend in like a local by using my transit app on my iPhone. It tells me when the next train is coming, and where to transfer to get to my desired location. I?m getting the hang of it.”

She added, “The longest I?ve been without my iPhone 5 was 48 hours, only because I left it at my hotel in Vancouver and they had to FedEx it to my home in L.A. That was obviously not intentional. Then there was the time my boyfriend and I drove up to Big Sur and stayed in a treehouse for three nights. I didn?t use any device for four days. It was quite nice to get away from our gadgets and enjoy the great outdoors, though Skype has saved our relationship so many times!”

Jamie Chung can next be seen on the big screen, starring alongside Scott Mechlowicz, Beau Bridges and Matt O’Leary in the Megan Griffiths, sex trafficking thriller, Eden, which is set to hit the big screen on today! on limited release.