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Dailymail.co.uk — In just one day in Los Angeles, Jamie CHung showed off her stylish skills going from chic in black and white to hard to miss in neon yellow in a few hours. Walking out from Alexander McQueen, Jamie looked exquisite in a polka dot ensemble featuring a 1950s inspired white skirt with large black spots and a long sleeved top with a scaled down spot pattern. The monochromatic look was striking on its own, but making sure it had an edge, the Once Upon A Time actress added a pop of colour thanks to a red envelope style leather clutch.?Keeping the look classic, the 31-year-old also accessorised with a pair of Ray Ban aviators and simple black pointed pumps.

With barely a moment to spare, the star stepped out on the red carpet for the Godzilla premiere in Hollywood.?While her day time look largely shunned colour, her night time style was the complete opposite.?The Real World star was hard to miss in a bright yellow strapless dress which featured a fun and playful short hemline.?But the star did not stop there with her colour spree, and accessorised the look with a floral print clutch and a pair of purple suede strappy shoes.?While Jamie skipped wearing a necklace leaving her decolletage bare, she added an unusual bit of jewellery – a diamond ear cuff.?The star showed off the interesting bling choice by throwing back her hair into a ponytail with voluminous curls.


Refinery29.com – Refinery29 caught up with Jamie Chung in her most recent interview, which you can read below! A few beautiful high quality photos of her shoot photographed by Jens Ingvarsson?have been added to our photo gallery.?If you’re curious about what she’s wearing in these images, you can check it out by visiting Refernery29’s website,?here.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be??“It would be teleportation, only because I hate airports. [Bryan and I are] living bicoastally right now, but if I wanted to visit him, I could snap my fingers and I?d be there.”

Tell us about the new series. What was your audition process like??“There was word on the street that Alfonso Cuar?n ? one of my favorite directors ? and J.J. Abrams were coming together to make this super team to make this awesome pilot called?Believe. Once I finally did get my hands on the script, because they?re quite secretive about those kinds of things, it was one of my favorites of pilot season and I just had to do it. I originally auditioned for Moore, and she?s the hit woman who?s assigned to capture Bo and kill all of the caretakers. I think Mark Friedman, the creator, thought I was too sweet for the role, so he was like, ‘Take these lines, go outside, take as much time as you need, and read for Channing.’ And, I was like, ‘Oh, I hate cold reads,’ because you?re on the spot memorizing a totally different character and different lines. So, I went out and 20 minutes later I came back in and booked it. Well, there were tests after that, but it?s cooler to say that I got it after a cold read.”

That?s a real curve ball. How do you change directions so quickly, going from auditioning for Moore and then switching things up and auditioning for Channing? What do you do to really get in the headspace of a character??“At the time ? I did read the script ? I kind of had an idea of who Channing was, but in terms of breaking things down. What do you think happened in the scene before? What do you think is going happen in the scene after the one you?re auditioning for? There are a lot of things you do for the process. In terms of the character, it was quite easy to transition because one was, you know, the [assassin], and then afterward, I auditioned for the [caretaker]. It?s kind of easier to relate to [a caretaker] than someone trying to assassinate, for sure.”

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PeopleStyleWatch.gom — Jamie Chung is always giving us some serious style inspiration, and the actress takes her ?fashionista? title pretty seriously. Now the?Celeb Style Council member?and?bride-to-be?is showcasing her passion for all things fashion and beauty as the newest member of Mark?s ?10 to Watch? campaign.?In a sneak peek at her new collaboration with the brand (watch it below).

Chung proves her love for color wearing a flirty bright dress on Mark?s latest magalong cover. ?It?s a really fun outfit to go from day to night, just throw on a black leather jacket to make it a little edgier.?

And she isn?t afraid to go big in the beauty department either, matching her bold dress with a bright blue eye and some fun liquid liner ? courtesy of celeb makeup artist Jamie Greenberg.

[I love] bright textured floral skirts, but it really is all about the color. I?m not afraid to wear that pop of color, like cobalt blue. It?s really great.


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People.com — Now that Jamie Chung has had some time to let her?engagement?sink in, she’s ready to start planning her nuptials ? and talk about fianc? Bryan Greenberg’s proposal. ?”It was a total surprise!” Chung, 30, told PEOPLE at Reebok’s ZQuick shoe launch in New York on Wednesday. Greenberg, 35, popped the question in Chung’s native San Francisco over the holidays.

The bride-to-be and her beau are looking forward to the months leading up to the wedding. “We just want to enjoy the year of being engaged,” she says. ?As for a date? “Oh, I don’t know … maybe fall 2015,” Chung says, noting she’s eager to get planning. “I think it really is stress-induced in terms of planning a wedding, but we’ve kind of initiated the conversation. I think the sooner you start, the less stressed out you’re going to be.”

Chung, who stars in Alfonso Cuar?n’s upcoming series?Believe, is known for her sleek physique and enjoys an active lifestyle ? so much so she plans on integrating that into her big day. ?”We love working out. We love the outdoors. So we want to incorporate that ? maybe make it a weekend and have all the guests go on a hike. Or there’s a crazy obstacle course at this one location,” she says. “We literally have to do something every day in terms of something physical.”

And while Chung may not have her location picked out yet, she has some ideas. ?”We want to do it somewhere in the woods. We’re looking at some locations in California ? we just don’t know where it’s going to be yet. It?s going to be a fun wedding,” she says.

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USMagazine.com — This March,?Jamie Chung?can be seen in NBC’s?Believe, the latest TV show executive produced by?J.J. Abrams. Here, the 30-year-old actress (who recently got engaged to?Bryan Greenberg) shares 25 little-known things about herself to?Us Weekly.

1.?I was featured in?Rihanna‘s music video for “Umbrella” (first girl on?Jay Z‘s right). I almost lost my sh*t when I met him. It was one of my first on camera gigs.
2.?I taught my nephew how to throw a football.
3.?I was a total tomboy growing up.
4.?I have a BA in Economics.
5.?I am addicted to Tabasco sauce. I even carry a mini bottle with me everywhere I go.
6.?I ran my first Nike Women’s half marathon at 1 hour and 53 minutes! I stopped to use the bathroom and tie my shoes twice! I worked my butt off training, so I’m allowed to brag about this one.
7.?I was so bad at playing piano, my teacher used to fall asleep during our lessons.
8.?I have embraced golf.
9.?I am a secret eater, especially around midnight. I am guilty of eating cookies over the sink.
10.?I once hand sewed my prom dress. It was horrific, but I still wore it.
11.?I am a sneaker head. In high school I took a part time job at the Athlete’s Foot just to buy Nike Air Max 95’s. At one point I had over 30 pairs.
12.?I’m that crazy lady that will stop a total stranger on the street to pet and play with their dogs.
13.?I take photos of my food.
14.?I have a blog:?www.whatthechung.com.
15.?I believe there is a Bigfoot.
16.?My first dog was named Coco.
17.?I didn’t think I wanted to have a family. But then I met the man of my dreams.
18.?I love camping. But will only go rough it out for a night.
19.?I’ve always wanted to be a guest on the?The Price is Right.
20.?I’ve always dreamed of diving in the Maldives.
21.?I’m a stickler for recycling. I pestered the producers on my NBC show?Believe?until they finally provided recycling bins on set.
22.?I love doing my own stunts and I’m not too shabby at doing them. But then I’ll sprain my ankle walking in a field. I’m coordinated but also a total klutz.
23.?I can’t seem to keep a plant alive.
24.?I was so nervous on the set of?The?Hangover?Part?2?and?3. I was a blabbering idiot around the guys. I still am.
25.?I still watch every episode of MTV’s?The Challenge. Don’t judge.

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