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admin / March 7th, 2013   Articles/Interviews,Videos

The Hangover III Teaser Trailer came out! Jamie Chung is only seen in one scene, unfortunately but for those who have been waiting for it, it’s finally here! It hits theaters May 24. You can watch it below.

“‘The Hangover Part III’ is Alan’s story,” director Todd Phillips said late last year about the plot of the third installment of the ‘Hangover’ franchise. “He’s going through a crisis after the death of his father, [and] the Wolf Pack is all he has.” And after surviving Las Vegas and Thailand together, who better to have your back? Well the new trailer for the “fitting end to this three-part opera of mayhem and bad decisions” has arrived to strap in.

Of course, you already know Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Ken Jeong and Justin Bartha are back, but just to remind you, so are Heather Graham and Jamie Chung. But perhaps most intriguing of all is John Goodman as the villain. He’s “a guy who likes to kill people and dress in track clothes” he told “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” last month, and indeed his presence is another ingredient in the formidable comedy stew that Phillips is hoping will close the series with a grand bang.

So, does this first look make you believe this won’t just be a carbon copy of the first two movies? Are you ready to rock with these guys again? Watch below, let us know, and see the movie in theaters on May 24th.

Source: Indiewire.com

admin / February 28th, 2013   Articles/Interviews,Movie Productions

Sienna Guillory and Jamie Chung have joined NBC?s pilot Believe, from the powerhouse duo of J.J. Abrams and Alfonso Cuar?n. The casting news was broken by The Hollywood Reporter.

Believe is about a young girl named Bo who possesses great powers that will come into their own in seven years. She is joined by Tate (Jake McLaughlin), a man who is sprung from prison to protect her from those trying to hunt her down.

Guillory, known for her role as Jill Valentine in the Resident Evil films, will play a hitwoman named Moore. Chung ? who had a recurring role as Mulan on Once Upon a Time this season and will be seen soon in The Hangover Part III and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For ? will play Channing, who assists Tate after his prison break, while taking her own orders from a man named Winter (Delory Lindo).

Also cast is Johnny Sequoyah (yep, Johnny is a girl) in the crucial role of Bo.

Abrams is executive producing Believe alongside Bad Robot’s Bryan Burk, with the project marking the TV debut of the acclaimed Cuar?n, the director of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Y Tu Mama Tambien and Children of Men. Cuar?n has co-written the pilot with Mark Friedman (The Forgotten) and will direct. For more information, check out Believe on IMDB.

admin / February 21st, 2013   Articles/Interviews

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack for the lack of updates, there hasn’t been any news of Jamie Chung,?unfortunately. ?But I’ll be adding screencaps soon and be gradually updating the gallery.

Also, below, Jamie talks about her game-changing role in Eden:

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admin / February 16th, 2013   Articles/Interviews,Gallery

This may seem like old news, but for those who’ve never stumbled upon this magazine interview, you’re in luck! I’ve also added 7 files from her photoshoot into the gallery. And at the bottom, you can watch the behind the scenes video during the shoot!

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admin / February 11th, 2013   Articles/Interviews,Movie Productions

If you enjoyed Tarantino’s newest film, “The Man With the Iron Fists’, you’re in luck! The DVD (blu-ray & HD) will be out in stores tomorrow, February 12th, 2013! Be sure to get your copy tomorrow!

Jamie Chung talks “Man With The Iron Fists”:?Jamie Chung?s known to duel with adversaries twice her size. In the feudal martial arts flick?The Man With the Iron Fists, the Korean-American seductress goes pound for pound with gold-digging Chinese clans and faces off with WWE?s Dave Bautista. ?I have a fight sequence with Brass Body,? says Chung, who plays the cunning sidepiece to RZA in his directorial debut. ?He?s a giant and extremely intimidating, but a total sweetheart in real life.? Her prior on-screen opponents: A fire-wielding dragon in Sucker Punch and a slasher in Sorority Row. It?s this fondness for haphazard role-play that?s earned the ex-Real World: San Diego castmate prime screen estate in box-office draws (The Hangover II, Premium Rush). Here, Chung pumps her fists to RZA?s talents and bucks the Kardashian template.

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