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admin / July 22nd, 2018   Articles/Interviews

by Nicole Catanese for US Magazine

Jamie Chung swears by three simple get-fit strategies: morning meditation, YouTube yoga and the perfect smoothie.

“The best thing to do is start with a five-minute meditation when you first wake up,” the actress, 35, tells Us Weekly exclusively while attending “The Pop Shop By Vita Coco” in New York City’s Soho neighborhood on Thursday, July 19. “It’s so easy to be so stressed out and [with] all the pressures we put on ourselves, just take five minutes to meditate and get your mind right, everything else will follow.”

The Gifted star admits that while she’s not always motivated to work out, she knows a sweat session will do her mind and body good. “I like to move every day, I just feel better after I’ve moved, it’s about your state of mind and giving yourself some endorphins,” she tells Us.

Chung fits fitness in however she can: “I’m obsessed with classes,” she says. “So either I’ll commit to a class or take my dog on a long walk or run. I follow Alo Yoga on YouTube and do their power vinyasa videos. If I’m super lazy I’ll say ‘Ok, let’s just start with 50 sit-ups, then 50 more then 15 push-ups and go from there.’ Then I’ll do some squats. It’s about being superconscious of what you do to your body and what you put in your body.”

She’ll also hit the gym solo to keep her svelte physique.”If I’m in the gym, I like a 15-minute warm-up on the treadmill, then I go to the [crossover] cable trainer and I do a jump pull-up and then static holds and then I’ll slowly come down — it really works your whole body,” she reveals to Us. “I also do triceps and compound movement, like push presses and then squats with kettlebells. I’m all about time.”

She amped things up even further for the Marvel-inspired Fox show, however, telling Us, “I started training myself. I took the initiative thinking something physical will be coming so I’ve been training with Nick, a Muay Thai trainer at Unit 2 Fitness in Atlanta, and we’ve been doing a lot of one on one.”

To stay fueled before, after and during her workouts, Chung says she reaches for coconut water: “I love Vita Coco because it replenishes and it has electrolytes and it’s delicious. I’m obsessed with the Sparkling Lemon Ginger to de-bloat — it’s half carbonated water and half coconut water so you don’t get as much bloat as a fully carbonated drink and it’s a great alternative to sodas. I am addicted to soda, so this is helping wean myself off.”

As for that morning smoothie, Chung has mastered the perfect DIY recipe: “Vita Coco, a banana, vanilla protein and spinach — that’s it!”

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